Tiffany Blue Box Cafe

The perfect afternoon tea in Knightsbridge

Tiffany Blue Box Cafe

87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL

On hearing that the Tiffany Blue Box Cafe was opening in London, I almost jumped out of my seat! Located in Harrods in Knightsbrige, I was overjoyed to be heading down for their afternoon tea.

Positioned on the ground floor, down a sweeping staircase is where you’ll find The Blue Box Café. In the reception area, there are some wonderful photo opportunities, a giant Tiffany ring box with an illuminated Tiffany backdrop or beside the giant Empire State building made purely out of the iconic blue Tiffany jewellery boxes.  Without even entering the Café, keen Instagrammers will be filling their feed with Tiffany snaps!

“Beautiful surroundings and a joy for Instagrammers”

We were greeted by the charming Alan on our arrival at The Blue Box Café.  Whilst face masks are a compulsory wear in Harrods itself, you do not have to wear them inside the café. The café is beautiful and as you would expect, is decorated mostly in the wonderful duck egg blue that most of us now associate with Tiffany’s. Calmly lit with Tiffany memorabilia showcasing in glass cabinets hidden in the walls, the café really is somewhere to relax and take a break from the busy capital.

Since this was our first real outing since lockdown, on the suggestion from Alan, we decided to try two of the cocktails from the menu. My husband had the Champagne cocktail served with a Tiffany blue sparkle on the foam and I had the signature Tiffany Martini. Both were wonderful cocktails and went down far too easily!  The little touches of the blue glitter and edible flowers were so pretty and made for great social media photos.  As more guests arrived, it was obvious that word had quickly spread, and the majority of diners were young ladies meeting with friends and of course taking advantage of the wonderful photogenic location and eye pleasing items from the menu.

“The classic Tiffany blue creates a warm ambience”

We choose our tea from the menu, there were 20 different teas to choose from! I like to try new things so had to go for the Tiffany signature tea blend.  For me, it was the perfect cup of tea, slightly fragranced and fresh and it was served in a huge Tiffany blue and white teapot, matching with the rest of the beautiful tea service. To our delight, we were also served an “Amuse Bouche” from the chef, a surprise of prawns and caviar served with crispbread which was delightful and a perfect start to our afternoon tea.

The sandwiches were served next and really were the softest, tastiest sandwiches ever! My husband is Vegetarian so is quite often let down during this part of Afternoon Tea, but his sandwiches were just as yummy as mine and real effort had been put in to give him a variation of different concoctions.  There was even a spiced cauliflower sandwich which was surprisingly wonderful!  The vegetarian sandwiches were also so pretty bursting with bright colourful fillings.  My favourite sandwich was the egg and black truffle and we both absolutely loved the warm Parmesan Madeleine served with sour cream, caviar and chives in a cute circular Tiffany tin.

As we tucked into our sandwiches, the traditional afternoon tea stand arrived laden with sweet jewels.  The table, fully stocked, looked amazing.  There were accents of Tiffany blue everywhere from the striking tea service to the Tiffany blue Egg on the tea stand, it really was not hard to see why so many instagram influencers come here! On the bottom tier were freshly baked scones served with the traditional clotted cream, strawberry preserve and raspberry jam.  The middle tier had a beautiful array of Vegan cakes because we had one vegetarian choice menu and the spectacular top tier boasted pastries from the regular menu.

“New York-themed pastries are a real delight”

I loved the names of the pastries, aptly named after New York, where Tiffany and Co. originated.  There was the Times Square Dark Chocolate Cake, a flour-less sponge and mousse mix with sea salt caramel and chocolate glaze which was absolutely delicious, moist, rich and sweet, everything a chocolate cake should be. The central park summer berry tart was refreshing and creamy at the same time and the pastry was sublime.  The original New York cheesecake was baked to perfection with a tangy blackcurrant topping but of course the star of the show was the Tiffany blue egg.  The egg not only looked fabulous, it tasted delicious, chocolate encasing creamy mascarpone and a lemon curd “Yolk” sat upon a crunchy buttery base.  I would even go as far as to say this goes down into my all-time favourite Afternoon Tea dessert list!  Just incredible!

Our overall experience at Tiffany’s Blue Box Café was truly wonderful, the food and drinks were first class, the service and staff were welcoming, polite and friendly, the venue, relaxing and comfortable and even though the Afternoon Tea is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely worth it.  An Afternoon Tea we will not forget for a long time and one that we would 100% recommend.  Thank you so much for having us, we cannot wait to return.


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