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Getting your husband or partner to have Afternoon Tea with you is not always the easiest thing to do.  It would appear a lot of men believe Afternoon Tea is just for ladies.  “No, go with the girls for a catch-up” Or “but, I’ll be the only man in there” are a few excuses I frequently hear when I mention an afternoon doing what the British do best!

The only way to get him there, I thought, was to part take in a slight diversion of the truth, then once he had experienced one of my favourite things to do, he would love it just as much as me! So, knowing how much my husband hates shopping, and the fact that we had to go suit shopping for a forth coming wedding, I surreptitiously booked the Gin & Jam Afternoon Tea at Hush Mayfair just off of the World Famous Oxford Street in London.  It’s one of been wanting to try for a while and the prospect of trying Hush’s bespoke Mayfair Boutique Gin and escaping the people chutney crowds of Oxford Street was bound to put a smile on his face!

My plan worked! After 4 hours of shopping, I suggested Afternoon Tea and I don’t ever think I’ve seen him looking so relieved and happy!

Tucked down an alleyway 2 minutes from Oxford and Regent street, nestled in its own little courtyard sat Hush.  We were greeted by the very friendly Joseph and escorted to “The Silver Room”, an elegant and relaxed dining room influenced by the 1930's. The restaurant was busy, mostly with couples (which I quickly pointed out to my other half), but due to clever table set up, each table had its own privacy and we were able to relax without our conversation being squashed by other diners.

Undoubtedly the most unusual cocktail glass ever!

We were greeted with Hush’s beautiful menus (I loved the fact they were printed on shimmering silver paper to match the room name…’s the little things that can make a huge difference) and shown a selection of Hush’s own blend loose tea leaves in the most unique flavours including Irish Cream and Raspberry & Cocoa Mousse. This was shortly followed by the presentation of our first “Gin & Jam” cocktail in what I think is the most unusual but wonderful teacup I have ever drank from.  A teacup fused onto a glass stem filled with a cocktail that tasted like “holiday” had every guest in the lounge smiling in amazement…. Another memorable touch!

Chocolate Orange Tea

Our Tea was served on a simple but stylish stand which complimented the beautiful Pastel pink and baby blue floral China perfectly.  The teapots, which I would like to add, were most probably the biggest I have ever seen, were a real talking point though.  I had opted for the Chocolate Orange Tea and Wayne, the Black Mojito.  Both were subtly infused and perfectly refreshing and made for a lovely change to regular tea leaves.  Our sandwiches comprised of Smoked Salmon, English Cucumber, Chicken & Tarragon Mayonnaise and Egg & Cress.  A classic, unpretentious selection that worked exceptionally well with the sweetness of the cocktail.   Whilst eating, we were asked to choose our second Cocktail, again a fusion of Hush’s Gin, Jam and a mixer.  I choose the “Pippi Longstocking”, a blend of Gin, Pineapple Juice, Ginger Beer and Rhubarb Jam; and Wayne decided on the “Paddington Bear” which unsurprisingly contained Marmalade along with Gin, Amaretto and Orange Juice.  Both were served in mini Jam Jars and were divine!

The biggest teapots in London!

After a small break and a few trips to the toilet (the teapots were really, really big), it was time to venture on to the middle tier of our freshly baked scones and 4 choices of Wendy Brandon’s Jam.  My favourite was the Rhubarb but they were all perfectly made.  By this time, we were starting to feel rather full (did I forget to mention Joseph bought over a bonus extra plate of sandwiches?), so it was perfect that our top tier contained 4 light and extremely tasty Macarons and my best-loved dessert, Crème Brulee but with a twist of Earl Grey Tea.  At first glance, I was a little perturbed by the greyish colour, but this was quickly replaced with joyous groans as I done my best not to lick the pot clean.  For those of you who do not know me, Crème Brulee is my most favourite dessert in the world and I have eaten many different varieties in many different countries, and this one was up there with the best!

Overall, Hush’s Afternoon Tea was a fabulous experience with wonderful staff and perfect ambiance.  The food was fabulous and the cocktails (especially how they were presented) were a big hit! The verdict from my husband…..”What Afternoon Tea shall we try next?” A perfect result for a perfect day!


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