Afternoon Tea at Qavali Birmingham

9 Brindley Place, 60 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HJ

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9 Brindley Place, 60 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HJ

Isn’t it remarkable how the practise of tea-drinking is now steeped in ancient traditions and customs? For centuries, the history of tea, and afternoon tea has brewed as profoundly as the beverage itself. While specific customs vary from region-to-region, the commonality among them all is that tea is usually at the heart of blissful gatherings and catch-ups.

As such, Qavali’s Afternoon Tea is the perfect excuse to soothe your insides, while being inspired by age-old traditions that have formed the very crevice(s) of Inda-Persian culture.

You and your loved ones will soak up the breathtaking ambience of Qavali’s Persian garden setting, where even the clinks of teacups are akin to a serenade. The Afternoon Tea will consist of a selection of handmade finger sandwiches, scones and classic Inda-Persian sweets and savouries. No doubt, you will be utterly spoilt for choice.

So step into the city’s most paradisal venue which speaks on nothing but love and togetherness.

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