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Afternoon Tea at Kona at Taj 51

51 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AF

Kona is the fine dining restaurant for the luxury 5 star hotel at Taj 51 Buckingham Gate. The hotel oozes class and the attention to detail is immaculate. Formely the home of the Lords and Ladies of the Royal Court, you're in prime London sightseeing territory. Only a short walk from Buckingham Palace and Westminster, Kona is a great choice for afternoon tea in London.

Afternoon tea at Kona is a joy to behold. The menu changes regularly and there is a Sherlock Holmes inspired menu currently available. Once again the culinary finesse is highlighted in delicate pastries such as the 221 B Macaroon, infused with a 25 year old Scotch. There is even a Sherlock Holmes Smoky Cigar in the form of a caramel mousse.

The Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea is also available and the Alice inspired pastries are a real delight. Savour the Caterpillar's Mushroom, Queen of Hearts, Drink Me strawberry potion and much more with this charming menu.

Kona Restaurant Afternoon Tea Menu

Sherlock Holmes Afternoon Tea
Plain, Chocolate Chip and Raisin Scones
with strawberry preserve and Cornish clotted cream

Cakes and pastries
221 B Macaroon
Flavoured with 25 year old Scotch
Moriarty’s Bomb
Coffee and Baileys cheesecake
Watson’s Moustache
Stout cupcake
Mrs Hudson’s Pudding
Sticky date pudding
Sherlock Holmes Smoky Cigar
Smoked caramel mousse

The sign of the four
Hound of Baskerville
Roasted beef and English mustard
Yorkshire favourite’s son
Yorkshire ham, Cheddar and Branston Pickle
The Five Orange Pips
Smoked salmon and orange flavoured horseradish
Study in Scarlet
English cucumber and minted cream cheese
Baker Street Pie
Chicken breast in an ale gravy topped with shortcrust pastry

£40 per person


Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea
Plain, Chocolate Chip and Golden Sultana
Cornish Clotted Cream and Strawberry Preserve

Strawberry Potion
Bubble Gum Macaroon
Raspberry Marshmallow
Mango Tart
Watermelon Jelly
White Chocolate Mousse

English Cucumber and Cream
Cheese on Beetroot Bread
Chicken and Sultana on Carrot Bread
Tuna Mayonnaise on White Bread
Cornish Yarg and Tomato
with Redcurrant Jelly

£40 per person


Jasmine Indian Afternoon Tea
Selection of teas / Masala Chai

Drink Me
Shots of salty caramel lassi with chikki toffee crunch

Darbari sandwiches
Spiced creamed cheese & kachumber pinwheel in beetroot bread
Curried egg mayo pinwheel in sun-dried tomato bread

Royal Namkeens
Creamy fish masala choux rolls flavoured with fresh coriander
Chicken tikka pantheras
Spiced paneer bhurjee puffs
Mini aloo bonda & fig chutney in brioche buns

The Raj collection
Gold leaf gulab jamun & cheese cake
Gajar halwa macaroons
Pistachio crusted fruit & srikhand tarts flavoured with cardamom
Short glasses of royal saffron rice pudding & chandi foam
Chocolate rasmalai cups
Anglo Indian rose de cookies

Something Meetha
Gulabi scones with kismis & almonds served with homemade alphonso mango compote & cinnamon clotted cream

£40 per person

Please note that this is a sample menu only. All prices and offers are subject to change by the venue unless stated on your booking confirmation.

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